Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marlboro Soundworks GBO-15B

Another newcomer to the blog: Marlboro Soundworks GBO-15B. It's a multifunctional amplifier with three inputs (GBO stands for guitar, bass and organ), volume control, bass and treble knobs and a 15'' Marlboro designed speaker. Seems to be a pretty straightforward amp with just the bare essentials needed for amplifying your instrument. It's rated at 60 Watts and weighs around 20 kg. The dimensions of its enclosure are approximately 450L x 700H x 280W mm.

This exact amplifier is at the moment on sale right here. Thanks to T. Mundt for the detailed pictures.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Marlboro 132A amplifier

Here we have a Marlboro 132A combo amplifier. There really isn't a lot of info available on this one. I only managed to find some pictures and some basic specifications.

This particular one seems to have had its logo repositioned (the original position in the upper left corner of the grille can be seen in another picture below). What's very interesting about it is that it's also labeled as a 20A model on the back. This must be a mistake right? I can't say for certain if 132A and 20A models are somehow related, but on this particular one, it looks like they could be. Or maybe this is just a case of a misplaced label on the back of the unit. Some google searching resulted in finding out that the 20A model was a 10 watt practice amplifier with a solid state design and an 8'' speaker. It was manufactured by Marlboro Soundworks in the US in the early 1980's. And for the 132A, i found some sites which stated the amplifier is in fact 30 watt. A user from ebay that i got in contact with, also told me that the speaker was 10'' in diameter. Another internet page states the 132A model was made from 1981 until 1984.

 To my surprise this amplifier offers some very unusual output options such as preamp output and ability to connect an external speaker.

On the front panel, there are controls for reverb level (Reverb has the option of control via an external footswitch which is also pretty interesting), preamp gain, followed by equalizer knobs for bass, midrange and treble and a master volume knob. Like many other Marlboro amplifiers it also has two inputs, low and high, to connect your various instruments.

Here are some more pictures of the amp:

And some more of another 132A in a bit nicer shape and with originally positioned logo:
I'd like to thank Drop and sell auctions and lofu205 from ebay for the photographs. If you wish, you can purchase the first amplifier here and the second one here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

G-40R with a twist

Found another rather special Marlboro Soundworks G-40R on german ebay today! Check out this custom grill in the ''stars and stripes'' colours of the american flag. What a great find! And by the looks of it, the amplifier is in near mint state, so definitely something you wouldn't want to pass up. It's also great to see some insides of this model. I'd like to thank Jochen for the detailed photos.

If you like the appeal of this one, click this link and make it yours.

Marlboro G-50R

Marlboro Soundworks G-50R model amplifier with original 2 x 10'' special design M10N speakers, spring reverb and QUADRA SOUND BLENDER function (tremolo/vibrato/echo)! We've already seen this one in action here and now we can have a closer look at it's design. Thank you Ralf for these lovely photos.

This particular amplifier is at the moment for sale on ebay, so click this link if you'd like to buy it. And while you're at it, check out also this G-40R from the same seller.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A microphone!

Searching through Ebay I recently found this Marlboro microphone!

Microphone Type:  Microphone-pro Wired
Model:                   M-200 Cardioid
Manufacturer:        Marlboro Sound Works, Japan
Year:                      1980 - 1984
Body Structure:     Chrome
Wire Length:          10 feet
Microphone body:  5 3/4" long and Weighs 1lb.
Distributor:             Marlboro Sound Works, Syosset, New York 11791

Here's the link to the original ad. Click it if you'd like to own this microphone.